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How to use diamond drill bits

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1. Diamond drill bit preparation before drilling

1. Check whether the previous diamond bit has damage to the bit body, drop the teeth, etc., and make sure the bottom of the well is clean and free of debris.

2. Carefully handle the diamond bit and place the diamond bit on a rubber mat or board. It is forbidden to place the diamond bit directly on the iron plate.

3. Check the diamond bit for damage, whether there is any foreign matter in the diamond bit, whether there is an O-ring in the nozzle hole, and install the nozzle as needed.

2. Diamond drill bit buckle

1. Clean the diamond drill pin or the female buckle and apply the threaded oil.

2. The shackle is stuck on the diamond drill bit, and the drill string is lowered to make it contact with the male or female buckle.

3. Put the diamond drill bit and the shackle into the turntable to fill the heart, and then tighten the thread according to the recommended buckle torque value.

Three. Drilling

1. The diamond drill bit should be lowered slowly. The rotary table, blowout preventer and casing hanger should be slower to protect the cutting teeth. 2. Pay attention to the obstructed well section that occurred during the last drilling, and the drill bit should pass slowly when it encounters the diameter reduction and the dog leg during the drilling process.

3. Start at a drilling speed of 50~60 rpm and open a pump with a rated displacement to flush the bottom of the well.

4. Pay attention to the weight gauge and torque to make the diamond bit smoothly contact the bottom of the well.

4. Diamond drill biting

1. It is not recommended to use a diamond drill bit to dig the well.

2. If it is necessary to perform eye-catching, the eye should be slashed with a rated displacement and a slow low torque.

Five. Diamond bit shape

1. Maintain the rated displacement and lower the diamond bit to the bottom of the well.

2. Slowly drill at least 1m to establish a bottom hole model.

3. Increase the drilling pressure to the optimum value of normal drilling with an increase of 10kN each time. It is strictly forbidden to pressurize too much, causing the prior damage of the diamond drill bit.

4. Keep the drilling pressure constant to adjust the drilling speed to get the best combination of drilling parameters.

6. Diamond drill bit is drilled normally

1. When encountering abrasive or hard sand mudstone, reduce the drilling speed to extend the life of the diamond bit.

2. Adjust the drilling speed and diamond bit to meet optimum drilling performance when encountering formation changes or interlayers.

3. Pay attention to the following points each time: 3.1 Restore the pump impulse and check the riser pressure. 3.2 at

The diamond drill bit contacts the bottom of the well to open the pump, and slowly lowers the diamond bit to the bottom of the well at a drilling speed of 50-60 rpm. 3.3 Slowly restore pressure to the original diamond bit and increase the drilling rate to the original drilling rate.

Proof of on-site use,

When a diamond drill bit is drilled in a soft-medium hard formation, it has the advantages of high speed, large footage, long service life, stable operation, less downhole accidents, and good well quality. The diamond drill bit can be reused not only for a long time, but also can be reused. The diamond drill bit that is returned to the factory is used in the same way as the diamond bit used in the factory, which can save a lot of drilling cost.